Medical Referrals

Often a visit to the Doctor can reveal a need for some form of exercise to alleviate a condition or simply to lose weight and improve your lifestyle. Laura can sit down with you and work out a programme to help you achieve your medical goals. No matter what your current physical condition is, it can always be improved with a little guidance and a little will power. Medical advice often shocks people into radical changes in lifestyle. It not necessary to be radical, a programme which gradually improves your physical condition will be much more beneficial.

If you would like exclusive one to one training in the privacy of your own home, or at the gym, then contact Laura to arange an initial consultation.


Who It Can Help?

  • Recovering from a medical condition or acting on doctor's advice to take more exercise, Laura will help you to gradually achieve your targets without running you into the ground.
  • Scared of the gym? There's no need to be. Not everyone pumps iron. Some of the classes Laura teaches (e.g. Pilates) are designed to help with flexibility which in turn will allow you to do more exercise than would previously have been possible.
  • Building flexibility and strength will give you a new found confidence and a better appreciation of the importance and benefits of looking after your body. 
  • Need to shift a few pounds? Diet combined with exercise will help you to lose weight so you will naturally feel lots better. It doesn't have to be drastic dieting just a change in outlook and an awareness of the content of the food you are consuming.